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1 – How do I install the batteries?

Hold your headlamp by one hand placing thumbnail and another finger at little dots in both side of the case cover, put the thumbnail of the other hand on the hook at the top of the cover and pull it up. You may find that it takes a bit of force to open the case. This is normal, because of water resistant purpose. You have to install the batteries in the appropriate polarities. While there are the imprinted indications inside, you can also recognize them by external appearance: the spring-end is always “-” and, obviously, another end is “+”. After installing batteries, simply smoothly push two parts of the case together until hearing the “click” sound to close the lamp.

2 – How do I set the light mode?

There are two buttons on top of the cover for easy switching to any light mode you want. The left one is Switch for Red light, the right – for White light. By pressing on the button continuously within 3 seconds, you can change from mode to mode:

– left button: red constant lighting – red strobe – switch off

– right button*: high beam lighting (brightest) – medium beam – low beam – S.O.S flashing – switch off

You can also switch off the lamp by pressing any of those buttons if the lamp’s staying in any light mode over 3 seconds.

( *WARNING: Do not look directly into the LED light for more than a few seconds for eye-safety purpose)

3 – How far is the headlamp able to light up? What is Lumen?

A TheXtremer PathBrite! Headlamp is rated at 168 lumens. Lumen is a scale, and is used to measure the total of light energy emitted from a device in any direction.


Your Headlamp’s 3 setting for White lighting mode are correlative to how far it can light up:


– High Beam 168 lumens = 110 m


– Medium Beam 75 lumens = 65 m


– Low Beam 10 lumens = 9m

4 – What does Waterproof and IPX mean?

Your Headlamp is waterproof, which means that if you are in the snow, the sprinklers, the bath-house…it’s gonna be fine. IPX is Ingress Protection Rating, from IPX1 to IPX8. The PathBrite! Headlamp is rated IPX6 that means it is protected not only from splashing water (IPX4), but also from powerful water jets. However, if you drop your headlamp in water up to 3 feet (IPX7) for a while, it may go forever!

5 – How long are batteries able to work?

Depending on which lighting mode you often use, the battery life-long is varying. For instant, you can use it uninterruptedly 30 hours in brightest light; 55 hours for medium mode, or maximum 120 hours running time for Low light.


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