Bend’n’guard Refrigerator freshener (German quality)


Significantly extend the shelf-life and freshness of all foodstuff, the fridge becomes permanently odor-fee
Safe disinfection throughout the refrigerator, reduce pathogenic by 99.9%, effective against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and algae
Save huge money from stopping wasting bad, mold food, low energy consumption when fridge can be set at higher temperature (44F instead of 39-41F)
Germany certified, closed sanitizing process, the active ingredient does not penetrate into food and is not dangerous to human or animal health
Small size: 5.9in length, 3/4in diameter, very easy to use: bend it, hang it and it is ready for protecting you and your family

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The Correct Storage of Food is Vitally Important for The Health of Your Family.
Refrigerators are wonderful, but the simple truth is that they are also very often full of bacteria, in fact the fridge is one of the most bacteria laden areas in the home. Regular cleaning of the fridge is of course advisable but it does not reduce the bacteria and mold which inhabit the surface of the food. Invisible pathogens in the fridge cause serious diseases. This is an unavoidable fact.

By placing a Bend’n’Guard stick in the fridge, each month you are able to create a permanently mold/ pathogen and odor free environment, because it can reduce mold and bacteria by 99.9%! In addition to the obvious health benefits this technology allows you to save a great deal of money as it keeps your food fresh for longer, lowers the energy consumption and, therefore, reduces CO2 emissions. 1 stick Bend’n’Guard, which is verified and certified by Institute of Food (University of Hannover, Germany), can eliminate bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi… and provides 30 days cleanliness within the refrigerator. Perfect used with food, as well as for disinfection of cooling-rooms and chillers in the catering industry or within public healthcare and private homes.

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