You want to buy a headlamp because of its advantages over flashlights, a lantern or using a flashlight app on your cell phone.


Here are 4 main advantages:

1 – Hands-free

the ability to use both hands is a major advantage over a flashlight, and for certain activities like climbing, hands-free is an imperative. Even around the campsite where a lantern can provide general hands-free lighting, the ability to easily direct extra light wherever you’d like, with just a nod of your head, is an advantage

2 – Beam Distance

most of the lights over $30 offer a spotlight mode capable of casting an impressively long beam. This can be a big asset for finding things in the dark, such as the poorly marked trail back to your car or campsite.

3 – Durability

many of the higher quality lights are built tough, offering water resistance sufficient to operate in sustained rain storms (IPX-4), and some are waterproof to one meter depth (IPX-7). This makes them particularly attractive for those going into the backcountry where weather tends to be unpredictable.

4 – Compact and Lightweight

they are easy to fit in your pack, and the more lightweight the better.


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